24th Review and Clean up Blog Comments

Ever since this blog installed DoFollow plugin, spam comments have been coming in a lot. Thanks for the Akismet spam filter I’m able to filter off a lot of spam. One lesson that I learned here is to install Akismet plugin first before activating the DoFollow plugin. It will save you a lot of trouble going through all the comments. I did receive a record high of 150 spam comments in a day. Imagine how things will be if I did not have Akismet activated.

Even though the blog has installed Akismet to filter out the spam comments, I still need to through the comments and spam box. There are so many spamming going around each and every second nowadays. It won’t be surprise that some of them might slip through the filtering. You just have to manually categories those lucky spam comments into the spam box.

When there are so many comments filtering each day, some of your readers comment might accidentally go into spam categories. It will be better to go through your spam box once in a while to rescue your readers’ comments.

Some of the comments are not spam but they are there just for the sole purpose of getting a free link back. Comments like “Good post” or “Nice post”, you get a feeling that they comment without reading your post. Plus, the sites that they included in their comment are sales page or sales letter. That makes it obvious that they are trying to get your readers to buy stuff from them. You can just send these comments into your spam box.

The purpose of having DoFollow in my blog is to encourage comments and reward those that taking their time and effort to share their opinion regarding the topic discussed. It’s a simple give and take condition but if you are taking advantages on it then the comments will be flush down to the spam box.



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2 Responses to “24th Review and Clean up Blog Comments”

  1. lankapo says:

    yup u r right. same thing happen to me. some time the comment are not even relevant to the entry :(. i wish they just could read about my entry.

    hey , we have the same theme hehe

    but I do not know how to edit my html so that when people click subscribe button on the upper right conner, to subscirbe my feed. Can u help me?

    my html coding is sux

  2. Kumo says:

    You may check back with the author of this theme. Just go through the comment from his blog and you find lots of tips regarding this theme. You may find the link to his blog at the footer. Just in case you couldn’t find the solution to your problem in the comments, here’s the link that shows you how to edit your theme.