19th Post over Quality or Frequency?

This is the question that a lot of bloggers debate about. Personally I choose to post frequency over quality. As you can see that I post at least once every two days. Yet, I try to post at least once per day. When I’m busy with other things I try not to delay the post more then two days. I’m still able to keep that up as you can check on the dates of my post.

Let’s go back to the reasons that I choose to post frequency. The first and the main reason is simple. The more you write the better you are. I’m not a good writer. Plus English is not my first language and that makes it more difficult to express my thoughts or opinion. It is true that there are lots of tools that can help correct the grammar and spelling but even so we still have the problem of communicating well. Practice, practice and keep on practice is the key to over come this.

The second reason is that if you make it a habit of making a post everyday then it will be better for long term basis. That’s because when you make it a part of your life then you’ll just do it automatically when it is time. It’s a psychology effect just as brushing your teeth every morning. It becomes a process that you must do in order to feel right for that day. You might have some difficulties on getting content out from your head in the beginning. Once you get use to it, everything will run smooth.

The third reason is the amount of good quality posts you can produce. How many good quality posts can you produce? How long do you need to write a good quality post? Things are moving very fast online. Information you found yesterday might not be useful today. Getting useful information out to your readers in time can be very helpful. You can take the time to produce a good quality post but at the mean time take a short time to fill up a short useful post. Mixing up your post with good quality post and short info post can ease things up a bit. If you just have long good quality posts then your blog will just like a boring text book. Mixed things up a bit can make you blog interesting, relaxing and fun to read.

A blog is about you, not about the topic of the blog. When you are posting everyday, then you are actually communicating with your reader everyday. Having a good quality post once in a while is enough to attract lots of readers. No doubt there are some advantages if you choose to post for quality. I just feel that having to post frequency has much more advantages. What do you think?



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5 Responses to “19th Post over Quality or Frequency?”

  1. Anuj Seth says:

    Well, I don’t think there is a golden rule to this.

    Some blogs are doing well because they post frequently, while others prefer post quality as the rule to building traffic. A lot would depend on the focus area of the blog.

    If the blog focuses on news items (TechCrunch), then frequency is critical. If its on topics where timing is not that important, quality is essential.

    DoshDosh is a great example of a blog with great quality. Maki posts once a week, I think, and as far as traffic is concerned, he is right up there!!

  2. C K says:

    I tend to lean towards frequency. If one keeps at it, it’ll become a second nature to him (or her). The quality of each post will improve over time. At least that’s what I hope for myself.

  3. Kumo says:

    That’s what I’m trying to do, CK. If I try to post only quality post then I might take weeks to produce one. I really do admire Maki that able to post one quality post per week.

  4. Christina says:

    I tend towards frequency as well. I try to post ever other day, mostly to think of what I can write about on the off days. I sometimes have written more than once a day as well….sometimes ideas come at me too fast to save for the next day.

  5. Kumo says:

    If you have more then one idea came out, then just write it down but save is for the next day. That way you can have something to post if you lack of ideas that day.