Writing Your Own Blog Money Making Opportunities at Blog Burner

blog money making opportunitiesSeems like lately I stumble upon lots of similar money making opportunities just like Blog Burner. The money making opportunities at Blog Burner is simple. You make money from Google Adsense. Blog Burner provides you a free blog which you can post and write about almost anything. In return Blog Burner will maintain the blog and work on the marketing. You get 50% of Google Adsense impression and Blog Burner get the other 50% of Google Adsense impression. Basically the money making opportunities will be split into 50/50.

Sign up is free. You’ll get a blog instantly and able to start blogging immediately. In order to setup your money making opportunities at Blog Burner, you have to sign up Google Adsense account and provides your publisher id. I guess you already have a clear idea on how Blog Burner operates so far. If you have been following my previous posts, you should sense that Blog Burner works almost the same as Xomba, ReviewParty and Hubpages. So the question is which website should you choose to blog? I think the only consideration that you need to really think about is competition. That means you have to check if the topic that you wish to blog already existed or not. If the topic is unique and nobody have yet started then perhaps you can go for a more popular website like Hubpages. But that’s almost unlikely to happen because judging from the amount of pages created, lots of topic already been covered. It will be better to take your chances at a less popular website with less competitors like Blog Burner, Xomba and ReviewParty.

Another money making opportunities that Blog Burner provides is the referral program. The referral program goes deep until 3 levels down. If you refer your friends and they started to blog actively, you’ll get 10% of their Google Adsense impression. If they refers others, you’ll get 7% of the others Google Adsense Impression. And the others continue to repeat the referral process, you ‘ll get 3% of the Google Adsense Impression. Basically you’ll get 50%++ of Google Adsense Impression if you blog and refer others to join at Blog Burner. I have to say this referral program is rather attractive. If you refer enough people to blog at Blog Burner, you can actually make a good amount of money.

Blog Burner has a Google Page Rank 3. This information should give you an idea of where the website stands. Also since there are so many similar websites that provides the same money making opportunities, you have to choose one and focus on it. As you have to write a lot before you can actually see money coming in, it will be wise to concentrate on just one website.

P/S: Unfortunately Blog Burner is no longer available.



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2 Responses to “Writing Your Own Blog Money Making Opportunities at Blog Burner”

  1. Roger says:

    Sounds like interesting opportunity, however adsense have never worked very well on my blogs. May be because my traffic is not enough. May be I will try it on BlogBurner.

  2. Kumo says:

    Just think as half of your earning are paid for the traffic. If you’re satisfied with the earning at BlogBurner then why not.