Writing Money Making Opportunities at Xomba

writing money making opportunitiesXomba is another simple money making opportunities that you can try out. Basically you just have to write articles and submit to Xomba. The better the articles you write, the higher the chances you make money. Actually Xomba is a free online community which allows you to write, comment and make friends. The money making opportunities at Xomba is simple. First you’ll need to have a Google Adsense account. Your Google Adsense ID account will be place into Xomba so that the ads revenue make from your articles can be equally share with Xomba. Once you have created a new article and post it on Xomba, Google ads shown will be equality separated for you and Xomba. That means the ownership of the Ads will be rotated 50% to you and 50% to Xomba. This way, Google Adsense will be paying you the money instead of Xomba. You need to make at least $100 to receive payment form Google Adsense. Besides that you can also make money through Xomba referral program. For every user that you refer, Xomba gives you 10% of their ads revenue. I have to say, this 10% can be a lot if one is able to make money writing good quality articles that attracts lots of viewers.
I think Xomba is a good place for those that are learning to make money online, especially if you’re trying to optimize the money you make from Google Adsense. There is lots of information regarding Google Adsense that you can obtain at Xomba. Perhaps that’s because Google Adsense is the main income source for Xomba. The only way to increase earnings is to teach writers to write good quality articles that attracts high paying ads. In order to do that, providing information regarding Google Adsense rules, updates and characteristics is a must. Just check out Xomba staff blog and you’ll find lots of information on how to write good quality content and Google Adsense. There is also a page on make money guide that you can make use of it. The make money guide is separated into beginner, advanced and expert. If you’re a beginner on making money online using Google Adsense, I think it will be helpful to you.

P/S: Xomba has a Google Page Rank 4. I think this Page Rank really affects the money you make on Xomba. If you’re not interested at money making opportunities at Xomba, perhaps you can try to promote your blog or website there. I’m sure it’s alright to write a review about your blog on Xomba.



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  1. I tried xomba before. It is pretty good and this is quite an accurate review of it

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