Writing Money Making Opportunities at EduWriters

writing money making opportunitiesEduWriters is a website that provides money making opportunities online for freelance writers. The site was launched back in 1998 and has been providing services like custom research, writing and editing to students and professionals. Basically freelance writers will be paid between $7 and $14 per page assignment. As usual, freelance writers are able to decide what to write, when to write and when to complete the assignment. In other words, the assignments are negotiable between the freelance writers and customers. Please take note that you must be a native English speaking individual to apply, and you must have a verifiable college degree.

I just went through the application form and it seems there are lots of things to fill up, including your resume. Some very important information which the site did not list out includes payment method, minimum payout required and the schedule of payment done. As the site has very few information, I kind of worried if I ever get paid for the work I done. Guess we just have to try it out to find out. Besides I think it should be fun and easy working with student or school related subjects. I suppose you’ll get more details regarding the job only if you’re given a writing position. Detail of the job should be included in the contract which you’ll need to sign.



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