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money making opportunities blogging craftIf you love crafting and has a hobby related to crafting, perhaps Craft Gossip might just be the money making opportunities website for you. Craft Gossip is an independent craft website which provides information and talks about things like knitting, jewelry making, polymer clay, sewing, stamping and many more. Money making opportunities at Craft Gossip is simple. You just have to write or blog about your idea of craft. Especially if you have an interest on a particular craft hobby, all you need to do is share and talk about it. It’s basically sharing your passion and teaching viewers about the crafting work that you love.

Currently Craft gossipis looking for editors to write and manage a sub blog related to polymer crafts. If you have other suggestion or interest related to other crafts, you may bring it up to the website and see if they are interested or not. They will create a new sub blog if the idea is suitable. You don’t have to be an experience editorial. Craft Gossipwill provide all the tools required to manage the sub blog. You don’t have to worry about marketing, sales and other infrastructure management as all are taken care by theCraft Gossip. You just need to concentrate on writing and sharing things related to the craft. Basically you’re responsible for keeping your blog undated with fresh and current information related to the craft of your interest. You may include links and photos to make your blog interesting and attractive. The blog must be updated at least five times per week. You just have to treat it as your own blog and that includes responding to comments and feedback, promoting the blog in forums and directories.

You will be paid for being an editor but I don’t have the details of the amount of money you can make. It seems like you have to request the details of revenue sharing by sending an email to Craft Gossip. You may check out the blogs and the list of editors available. You’ll find that most of the editors are women. So I presume the community and viewers are mostly women too. Take the time to check out the website and see if Craft Gossipis suitable for you before you take on the job.

P/S: There are lots of money making opportunities online but you need to find those that are suitable for you in order to make money successfully.



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  1. Kevin says:

    It looks like good money making opportunity for people that love crafts. I am one of them and I just sign up to the website.