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review money making opportunitiesReviewParty is a website that I found that works almost similar with Xomba. At ReviewParty you make money by writing reviews on books, music, movies and TV dramas. The money making opportunities is almost the same compare to Xomba. Just that the topics that you can write about is not much. I think it has to do with two of the main income source that ReviewParty working on.

ReviewParty makes money from Amazon and Google Adsense. That goes the same to you if you sign up and write reviews at ReviewParty. You need to have account from both Amazon Associate and Google Adsense. Your Amazon Associate referral links will connect to your review 100% of the time. That means you’ll make money from Amazon Associate without sharing the revenue with ReviewParty. The main income that ReviewParty Gets is from 50% of Google Adsense ads display from the reviews you write. The other 50% ads display will be using your Google Adsense ID. You may consider the 50% ads display time is paid to generate traffic to your reviews. I think the reviews you write already play a big role in generating traffics. ReviewParty needs to work hard on SEO to increase page rank, plus building tons of links and backlinks. ReviewParty has a page rank 2 which I think it’s consider low in generating traffics. I suppose a page rank 4 or more is needed to actually draw enough traffic to make money.

The idea of writing reviews on books, music, movies and TV dramas works perfectly for Amazon Associate. It matches the products that are sold at Amazon Associate especially books. The idea of money making opportunities is good but must match with good quality reviews. Good reviews can only come from those that actually read through the books. That goes the same as music, movies and TV dramas. You have to actually watch and listen to them to write a good review.

If you’re into blogging, perhaps you can try out BloggerParty too. It uses the same Google Adsense revenue sharing just like ReviewParty. It’s another money making opportunities that uses the same method by using the power of blogging from public.

P/S: Again you can try place a post or a review that link back to your blog. The website might not generate lots of money but a link back to your blog is good enough.



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  1. Robert says:

    Writing is the easiest way to make money online, before you gain experience and learn SEO. Actually this opportunity is great for women that are staying at home and take care of their kids. I will test the websites and may be write few reviews myself.

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