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451 press451 Press is looking for writers that can contribute to their growing network of blogs. Basically they want content and bloggers. The site will handle everything including advertising, maintaining blogs and servers. The only thing that writers need to worry about is producing good content.  In return writers will get 40% of the earning generates from the blog. You don’t have to be major in English to apply but you definitely need to be strong in writing skills. Upon application, you need to provide 2 writing samples. Seems like your writing needs to be at certain level to be accepted to the family. As a writer, you get to choose from various categories to write. I think the most interesting part to write is TV. You get to watch your favorite TV series and write reviews about it.

451 Press seems to be an opportunities to earn money but there are few things that I’m concern and not listed on the site. First of all is the site open to writers outside US? What is the payment method and how is it done? How often do writers need to post? It would be better that the site has a FAQ page that explains all before writers go into the trouble of applying the position. An extra FAQ page sure makes it easier for both parties.

P/S: Unfortunately 451 Press is no longer available.



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4 Responses to “Write for 451 Press”

  1. Richard C. Mongler says:

    Anyone know if 451 Press really pays that well for the work you do? I assume they want you to be an expert about something, too? From my unfortunate experience, most stuff where people are hired to do a job online don’t pay more than 1 cent an hour.

  2. Kumo says:

    Even if you’re able to get into their network, your earning still very much depends on the quality of your article.

  3. Blown insulation says:

    I would just like some details about it from anyone who writes for them.

  4. Kumo says:

    I guess you might just send an email to one of those writers.