Working Solutions Money Making Opportunities

work at home money making opportunitiesWorking Solutions is another legitimate work at home money making opportunities that I found lately. Basically Working Solutions is looking for agents that are skilled, educated and motivated to assist customers with sales, service and technical support transactions. That means you work directly with customers over the phone, email or online chat. The job includes data entry, virtual assistance and transcribing depending on your skills and ability. Although Working Solutions is open to applicants from all around the world but most of the jobs are for US agents only.

Sign up is FREE but applicants are required to take a 2 part testing before accepted to the program. As there are lots of applicants on the list, you have only one single chance in getting the test right. There will be no retest. If you’re seriously hopping to get the job, I would suggest you are well prepared before taking the test. Please take a look at the technical & equipment requirement as it is crucial that you get the latest gears for this job. Basically you need an up to date computer and a fast internet line.

Payments are done via direct deposit or checks. The word PayPal is nowhere around, so I suppose checks might just be the best payment solution. The money earned varies as it’s depends on each project separately. Agents are able to earn between $7.50 and $30 per hour depending on the project. Basically the payments are determined by the hours of work and the nature of the work. The more projects you’re given, the more money you’ll earn. There is also a referral program which you can make extra money by introducing new applicants. Although the details are not listed but be sure to ask the new applicants to list your name in the applications in order to receive the credits.

P/S: It seems like Working Solutionssuits best for US resident as most of the jobs are offered in US only. Plus there seems to be a long waiting list in becoming an agent at Working Solutions. It’s a competitive market. I guess you just have to be very skill and talented to get in. But again there’s no harm in trying as sign up is FREE.



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  1. Jane says:

    This is amazing money making opportunity, I am going to sign up now. Hopefully, my application will be approved.