Work From Home Money Making Opportunities at LiveOps

call center service moeny making opportunitiesLiveOps is actually a call center services company. As an agent of LiveOps, you’re able to make money by taking calls for services and sales. LiveOps provides money making opportunities that you can do at home. All you need to start this money making opportunities are a landline telephone, a computer and a printer. Unfortunately, LiveOps only accepts US residents and not include Alaska or Hawaii.

In order to get accepted as an agent for LiveOps, there are several steps that you need to go through. First of all applicants need to take a simple test which requires about an hour to complete. The test is basically trying to determine the ability of applicants on taking calls, computer savvy, diction and responsiveness. Applicants will be invited to join if the skill set matches clients’ needs and there are demands for agents. Once invitation is received, applicants need to pay $50 for background and credit check. Finally once everything is clear, applicants need to submit final paperwork to create an account either as an independent contractor or as an incorporated home business. All the process will take about a week to complete before you can start taking calls.

There are 4 types of agent applicants can apply and they are commissioned agent, licensed agent, outbound agent and bilingual agent. Commissioned agent deals with products sales and services. Licensed agent mostly takes on calls from customers interested in products on mailers, TV spots and sweepstakes. Outbound agent typically seeks to contact previous customers who already know the product and provide a discount offer. Finally a bilingual agent generally interacts with wide variety of callers thought out North America. No matter which agent that you are applying, it still depends on your ability and skill which will be determined from the test.

One of the advantages of being accepted as an agent is having the flexibility to schedule your work time. It’s a business of your own which you have the freedom to sell products, insurance and services from the comfort of your home. The amount of money that you can make depends on the effort and the time you put on. It’s totally up to you. The business revenue depends on the type of program you choose. It can be a simple rate that charges per minute, a base rate in addition to bonus for commission or pay entirely on commission. A highly qualified professional agent can make a lot of money after working for years. Agents receive payments either by check or direct deposit according to the invoices.

LiveOps provides money making opportunities for those who wish to start a home base business. Few years of experience working in sales, insurance and customer service section can be very useful in creating a successful home base business. You can even treat this opportunity as a part time work to make some extra money.



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  1. George says:

    I sounds like great money making opportunity, I believe that they will open the website to world wide audience very soon. The options that website offer are unique.

  2. Dorothy McWilliams says:

    The posting is very informing.