Work at Home Money Making Opportunities at kgb by answering questions

Kgb is basically a company founded in 1992 which provides branded assistance service. The company is currently recruiting agents to work at home and answering questions. Although the money making opportunities provided looks simple, applicants are required to pass the Special Agents Challenge, Complete special Agents training and fill up the registration paper work in order to qualify for the job. Unfortunately, kgb work at home positions are only available for residents in US, Canada and Philippine. While writing this blog post, Canada Special Agents is the only position which is still open for hiring. You may have to come back later to check if there are any opening positions for US and Philippine. Sign up is free. Applicants must be at least 19 years old. Applicants also are required to provide Canadian Social Insurance Number, Canadian bank account and a Canadian mailing address. This requirement is basically the same for US and Philippine too.

The job may sounds easy because it is basically just answering questions. But some questions required serious answer as it involved solving real problems for real people. You are required to be a skill online researcher in order to find the answers for the questions. Working hour is flexible and you are allowed to fix your own working schedule. Payments are done monthly with direct deposit into bank account. This is the reason why applicants are required to provide bank info. Depending on which country that you are working, the compensation is a bit different. As Canada is the only country with open position currently, I’ll just explain briefly on how compensation is calculated in Canada. Basically agents are paid each time a response is carried out. There are two type of response. For each full response which query is investigated and answered by Special Agent, $0.10 CAD will be paid. For each validation response which answer is automatically populated from Knowledge Database and is forwarded on by Special Agent, $0.05 CAD will be paid.

Judging by the amount paid and the number of questions required answering, you won’t be making a lot of money. But still this can be a good part time job which allows you to make some extra cash for grocery.



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