Wedding Money Making Opportunities with Bridaluxe

affiliate money making opportunitiesI suppose any strategy which helps to bring in lots of businesses is considered a good strategy. One of the most popular business strategies online is affiliate program. The most common business that I’ve seen using affiliate program is selling eBooks through ClickBank. In this post I like to introduce an interesting affiliate marketing network related to weddings call Bridaluxe. Although this is not the money making opportunities that I’m familiar with but still it’s a profitable area, especially for those who are interested in the wedding topic.

Bridaluxe is an affiliate marketing network that focused mainly on wedding and things related to wedding. There are about 55 advertisers available in bridal businesses. As a Bridaluxe publisher, you’re entitled to promote all of the advertisers automatically. You may check out the list of advertisers at the publisher page. Bridaluxe is also a member of the Association for Wedding Professionals International. Bridaluxe is professionally focus on bridal niche and provides lot of marketing tools to help publisher make money effectively. Some of the tools for example are storefront tool which display 25600 wedding products, post direct product links, banners, database and WordPress plugin related to wedding. If you have a blog of website about wedding, Bridaluxe might just be the money making opportunities that you’re looking for. Besides you might just find lots of wedding related info through Bridaluxe which you can blog about too.

Bridaluxe pays 10~14% commissions from all products sold. Sign up is free and the only problem that you have is getting accepted into the affiliate program. If you have a wedding related blog or website, I’m sure it won’t be much of a problem. Payments are done via check or PayPal every 30 days on balances over $25.

Wedding is a big business and most people spend whatever they can for a memorable wedding. Wedding dresses, photo albums, dinner function, ceremony, invitation cards and anything that related to wedding can be very pricey. You don’t have to know it from watching those celebrities’ weddings on TV. Just ask anybody around you who just got married. They’ll probably tell you a figure that drops your jaw. Wedding is a big business and there’s always a slice of money making opportunities for you if you’re interested in wedding.



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  1. Dave says:

    ClickBank have never been my power, I rarely have more than 5 sales a month, but this opportunity sounds a bit different and easier to monetize. I think I am going to try it.