Using Clickbank to Find Money Making Opportunities

This is a guest post by Patty Kleen.

Clickbank is an Internet retailer of digital products and a payment processing service.  What makes Clickbank so special – and interest-worthy to you – is Clickbank’s affiliate marketing program.  Basically, Clickbank offers you the chance to market products and produce a stream of income based on the number of customer conversions you create for Clickbank.  Here’s how it works:

Clickbank account.  Anyone can set up a free Clickbank account.  Simply go to the Clickbank website and sign up by entering some basic identifying and contact information, then agree to the Clickbank terms of service.

Clickbank products.  Clickbank offers over 35,000 digital products for you to choose from – including ebooks, software, and more.  Products are categorized by niche, so you simply choose a niche of your liking and browse the products in order to choose things that you are comfortable marketing.

Affiliate marketing.  How you market your Clickbank products is up to you.  If you run a blog about running a home business, for example, then you can link to Clickbank products related to sales, accounting, marketing, business, and much more right from your blog.  If you don’t run your own blog, then you can write articles and reviews for your Clickbank products, then get those write-ups to as many online sources as possible: social networking sites, bookmarking sites, directories, and free advertising sites like USFreeAds are great places to start, but feel free to be creative here when getting the word out about your products.  All of your write-ups should contain your affiliate link so that you get credit for any purchases you are responsible for.  Clickbank processes your orders for you, so all you have to do is drive traffic to your affiliate link and create a sale.

Vending.  You can even create your own digital products, upload them into Clickbank as a vendor, and let other affiliate marketers sell your product for you.

Payment.  Clickbank deposits all of your commissions (which can be very sizeable, by the way – up to 75%) into your Clickbank affiliate account, then Clickbank will pay you according to the Clickbank payment schedule found on their website.

If you want to make some money on the side, or even devote more time to becoming successfully self-employed, then it’s possible to use Clickbank as a means to make that happen.  It will take some hard work, perseverance, and time on your part, but with Clickbank, what you put into it is what you will get out of it, and you are only limited by yourself.

 About the Author: Patty Kleen is a full-time writer and marketer who loves using Clickbank to find new opportunities. She also enjoys using online fax services and document storage solutions to streamline her business, work, and life.



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