Translation Money Making Opportunities at Applied Language

Applied Language is another online company which I found which are looking for qualified in-country translators. The company offers translation services in over 140 languages. If you’re an experience translator or used to be a full time translator and wish to make extra money, Applied Language might be suitable for you.

The freelance translator job at Applied Language is not for anybody, especially people who are new to translation work. There is a minimum qualification which applicants need to meet in order to take on the translator job. Applicant must have translated at least 100,000 words, have at least two references for previous projects, translated only into their native language, qualified in any technical area and have working industry experience for the material translated. Although it seems that there are lots of assignment available once accepted into the company but first you need to be good enough to meet the minimum qualification. Translation business is a competitive market. You need to be good not just in translation skill but also have the ability to serve customers. Plus you need to be a team player to fit in the company. Applied Language has a customer base which includes some of the largest companies and organizations in the world such as Nike, the United Nations, Reuters, Yahoo!, Google, Dell, GE and Caterpillar. Imagine if you’re hire as a translator and assigned a work task involving one of the company listed above. You really need to be prepared and provide your services as professional as can be even if you’re freelance. That’s because the translation work might affect business with millions dollars. I suppose that’s the reason behind the minimum qualification for the freelance translator job.

There isn’t much information about the freelance translation job. You just have to submit your CV and ask the big payment question later. There are other permanent jobs available but mostly are stations in US or UK. Check it out if you’re interested. It’s seems to be fun working at Applied Language because you get a day off on your birthday.



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2 Responses to “Translation Money Making Opportunities at Applied Language”

  1. John says:

    I will sign up for this website, it is good money making opportunity as I am good in technical translation.

  2. Kate says:

    I am going to apply for this website right now. I stay at home and I am freelancer writer, this may help me to make some extra money.