The only one mobile money making opportunity app that I recommended

cashpirateWhen it comes to money making opportunities online via mobile apps, it can be difficult to find the mobile app which actually works. Especially if you are not sure if you are getting pay for all the work done, testing and checking the mobile apps one by one can be very time consuming and frustrating. Initially I was just trying to look for a mobile app which enables users to make some money doing some simple work like taking surveys, watching videos and installing mobile apps. Just like anybody else, a simple search at Google Play reveals a lot of mobile apps with similar function. So the question is which mobile app actually works?

CashPirate is the mobile app which I tested out and successfully cash out using PayPal. It took me about couple of weeks to reach the $5 pay out trash hole. All I need to do is watch video clips and install mobile apps required. Some of the mobile apps installed are required to keep on the phone for at least 3 days to collect the coins. The coins collected can be redeemed for mobile recharge, Facebook gift card and cash. The minimum cash out is $2.50 via PayPal. You will need a PayPal account to cash out.

You should be able to cash out $5 every month if you constantly check out the app for any available tasks. But I suppose this depends on your location and the country targeted. If you really hope to increase your earning, you can try referring your friends and asking them to key in your referral code. You get 10% of the coins your referral earns and $5 for the second referral level earns. It’s not much but at least you’ll get something in return for referring your friends. If you are interested in trying out CashPirate, please consider using my referral code. (MLDFTO) I really appreciate it if you do so. By the way, you get 500 coins bonus for using the referral code.

Before you decided to install this mobile app, couples of things I like to remind you. Do not install this mobile app if you are using your smartphone for work. In order to earn coins and make money, you will do a lot of mobile apps installing and deleting. There is a risk of crashing or corrupting your smartphone. Some of the mobile apps that you are installing require access permission on varieties of areas in your smartphone. That means many apps are actually collecting information from your smartphone. Before you decided to install the mobile apps, a window is prompt showing the things required access. You will have to grant permission before installation. Another thing which I concern and worry is that sometimes you are redirect or bounce to several sites before actually landed on the installation page. There is a chance that you will stumble upon sites which your mobile antivirus program declares as harmful. So make sure that you install an antivirus program in your smartphone before testing out this mobile app.

Finally my recommendation is to use your old smartphone which you are not using for work to make money with this mobile app. Don’t expect to make a lot of money too. You won’t be able to make more than $100 per month.



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