The Logo Design Money Making Opportunities Online at Logo Tournament

Logo Tournament is a site where graphic designers from all over the world compete with each other and make money. This graphic or logo design money making opportunities online is definitely not for anybody. You can try but you will have to be good enough to win the contest in order to make money. Yes, the only way that you get to make money is by winning the contest. Although there are lots of contests created every day, clients will only pick the best logo design. So you will have to make sure that you produce the best design if you are hoping to make money online in this site.

Sign up is FREE. Clients will fill out the logo brief and prepaid the prizes. $275 is the starting prize value. Check out the list of the contest and you will find that most of the prize value range between $275 and $575. If you are very good in designing logo, it shouldn’t be a problem to make few thousand dollars every month. But as you are competing with graphic designers from all over the world, it is not going to be easy to win the contest. By the way the contest will run over 6 days period that consist of two phases. Given the limited time provided, you only have one chance to hit the jackpot. Clients have 7 days to pick the winner of the contest. Once clients download the file and approved the design, the prize money will be send to the designer. Prizes are sent through PayPal. Payment will be held for two weeks for designers with 0 to 5 wins. Designers with 6 to 10 wins will have their payment held for one week. Designers with more than 11 wins will be paid immediately. If you are a constant winner, you will be making your way to the top ranking designer list. Check out the top ranking designer list and you’ll see that some of the top designers are from South East Asia.

Participating in Logo Tournament is also a best way to promote and brand your design. Even if you always turn out second or third place in the tournament, you can still make it to the top ranking designer list. The more you participate in the tournament, the more benefits you will gain. Sometimes it is not about the prize money that you will get. It is the opportunities that come along when you participate.



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