The iPhone App Money Making Opportunities Online Gigwalk

iPhone money making opportunities onlineIt seems that many companies are starting to focus on smartphone users’ market. Either it is online or offline business, any products or services which related to smartphone will be expecting a huge increase of customer base. One of the companies which actively digging into the gold mine of smartphone users’ market is no other than Google.

Well, Google is not the only company who tries to make money in smartphone users’ market. Check out Gigwalk which allows iPhone users to make money online. Basically iPhone users have to install the given app which allows them to make money by completing Gigs. Sign up is FREE and the Gigs are paid between $3 and up to $50+. The Gigs are basically simple tasks which require users to take photos of food menu, interesting interiors or even a road sign. Some businesses use the Gigwalk service to gather simple information, verification or record. Usually the work requires a huge number of crowds to complete a simple task for survey or verification purposes. Payments are done via PayPal monthly and minimum payout is $35. By the way, only certain areas within US are accepting new Gigwalkers. The accepted metro areas are San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, South Florida, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Seattle. I suppose the site will try to expend their service in future. Hopefully iPhone users within every state in US and every country have the chance to become Gigwalkers. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Currently there are lots of restrictions for participating in Gigwalk. Not many people have the chance to become a Gigwalker. But still I think the business idea or money making opportunities online has potential and there are still lots of space for improvement. We will see lots of similar website arises if Gigwalk manage to make money successfully.



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