The Bizy Deal Money Making Opportunities

money making opportunities dealBizy Deal is an interesting website which entrepreneurs and online small business owners should check out. The site is basically an e-commerce group buying community. Bizy Deal gathers larger number of buyers and tries to get a huge discount from the suppliers. The concept is trying to save a lot of money by purchasing in volume. If you purchase the product or service individually, it is going to be much more expensive.  Check out the list of the deals and you’ll see that most of the deals have 50% discounts. The money you can save is a lot. It is going to help small online businesses in budget planning.

Sign up is FREE. Some of the deals provided by Bizy Deal are actually very interesting and attractive for entrepreneurs, bloggers and online business owners. You should keep an eye on the deals just in case the site has something you want. Once sign up, you can receive latest deals information via email.

Besides getting great money saving deals, sign up members can make some money via affiliate program. As usual you just have to make use of the given affiliate links and tries to sign up as many members as possible. Payment will be done via check. Payout is done on every 30 days or earnings achieve minimum payout of $50. Commission will be paid once sign up customers make first purchase. There is one very important information that I cannot find is the affiliate commission rate. In other words, we just don’t know how much money we can earn via the affiliate program

P/S: I totally agreed on money saved is money earned.



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