T Shirt Design Money Making Opportunities at Threadless

design money making opportunitiesInstead of selling T shirts online, try submit a T shirt design at Threadless. The money making opportunities presented at Threadless is actually a design contest. That means if your T shirt design turns out to be the winner, you’ll win money as rewards. How much money can you win? That’s about $2500 for each winning design.

Basically it’s your design or idea that makes money at Threadless. Before you submit any design or idea, take a look at the submission kit and learn the various ink and print method the site offers. Make use of the tools and implement them into your design or idea. Once your design is submitted, the Threadless community will score and comment on your design within 7 days. If your design or idea is selected for print, you’ll receive $2000 in cash, $500 Threadless Gift Certificates which can be redeemed for $200 cash and $500 in cash each time your design is reprinted. You will also be given a Medal of Honor and Alumni Club membership. The best deal is the $500 cash reward each time the design is reprinted. That means if your design is very popular and lots of people are purchasing the T shirt, you will continue to receive the $500 cash reward.

If you have a nice slogan which you like to see it printed on a T shirt, submit it to Threadless for a chance to win $500. Your slogan will be up for voting for 1 week. If your slogan is selected and printed on Type Tee, you’ll win $500. As it’s a voting contest, you will need a lot of help from your friends to push it to the winning spot.

There is another interesting fun section at Threadless which you can earn some credits. You can take a photo of yourself wearing Treadless tee and submit to the site. You will earn $1.50 credit for each photo you submit. If they love the photo, you will be rewarded $15.00 credit. This is kind of interesting but first you need to purchase Treadless tee.



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