Survey and Research Money Making Opportunities Online at Harvard Business School

Most of us know that we can make money by taking surveys. The problem with this method of making money online is trying to identify legit and payment guarantee companies. And if you really want to make a decent income via taking surveys, you need to sign up and take on lots of surveys. Most of the surveys don’t pay much but takes up a lot of time and energy. I don’t usually recommend making money via taking up surveys, but occasionally I stumble upon certain good surveys taking site. Although the money earn might not be much but at least the site pays. Check out this site call Computer Lab for Experimental Research from Harvard Business School. You can make money by taking lab study or online study.

Registration is free but you need to be a US citizen or a permanent resident with valid social security number to receive payment. The lab study requires participants to show up personally for the experiment or event. This means you have to be staying close by to the designated location. Be sure to read the lab study description before signing up for the session. Lab studies pays around $15 to $40. Minimum payout is $10 and it usually range at average $20~$25. The payout is good but it requires you to show up personally. It usually takes up 1~2 hours to earn the money. The online study is much easier. As long as you stay in the US, you basically can take the online study from any states in the US. The online study usually takes up 15~45 minutes and participants are given 24~36 hours to complete the study. Most of the payments are actually in the form of $5 electronic gift certificates.

Judging by the information above, I suppose those who stay around Harvard Business School have the opportunity to make the most money. Obviously the lab study pays better, but you need to stay close by.



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