Suite101 Hiring Freelance Writers

suite101Suite101 is hiring freelance writers. All you need to do is sign up and fill up the application form. The application process will take about 3 month. During this period you’ll need to write 10 articles with at least 400 words. The site will get to know you by reviewing your work experience, topic of interest and articles. Once you make the site loves you then you should be no problem becoming the writer. You just have to do the work for the first 3 month.

The site makes money from Google Adsense and I think that’s the only advertisers that they partnering at this moment. You are paid for your share of ads revenues on your articles. That means if you post a lot of good quality articles and promote them well, you’ll earn more. All payments are done through PayPal. You might be thinking “What’s the difference if I’m writing for my own blog and place my own Ads?” Suite101 has a page rank 7. You can check and confirm that. A page rank 7 site will definitely brings more traffic from Google search engine. You just need to concentrate on writing good quality articles and don’t have to worry much about traffic. If you start your own blog, it might take a long time to get to page rank 7. Plus, Google is making lots of changes on their ranking system. You might not stay long at high rank even if you reached it. Another reason that this revenue sharing works is that the site is combining all the quality works from many people into one. That’s one good way to stand out from other sites and grab a big chunk of revenue.

There are lots of similar sites like suite101 that runs on revenue sharing. If you love to write and dislike the trouble of maintaining blog, then you can sign up for suite101 and other similar sites. You still can earn some money not owning a blog.



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2 Responses to “Suite101 Hiring Freelance Writers”

  1. Interesting proposition. Earn from writing without maintaining a blog. I’ll try this someday!

  2. Kumo says:

    There are other similar sites that you can try too.