Song and Music Money Making Opportunities Online

If you are a new artist trying to grow your band’s reputation and fan base, check out TripleClicks “Song-of-the-Month” Contest. Sign up is FREE. You will get FREE customized Artist “TConnect” website to promote your songs or music. The website enables viewers to preview and download your songs. It is also a platform to communicate with fans and grow your reputation. Best of all the website has the potential to promote and expose your music worldwide as TripleClicks has about 1.3 million members across 190 countries.

The above are just some of the basic benefits for signing up TripleClicks to promote your music or songs. The most interesting part is the “Song-of-the-Month” Contest. Each month TripleClicks members will vote for their favorite song of the month. Song with highest votes will be selected as winner and featured on TripleClick’s homepage for the entire month. With the amount of traffic obtain from the site, you can be sure to receive maximum exposure around the world. Currently TripleClicks website ranks 5282 at Alexa Global Traffic and 4761 at Alexa US Traffic. Just do a check at Alexa ranking and you will discover that the site ranks very well in lots of countries around the world.

If writing songs is just a hobby and you are just trying to make some money online while having some fun, this site is suitable for you too. In fact you can simply create a non-serious or humor song and upload it just to get the attention. You don’t have to be good in creating songs to participate in the contest. It is just the same as uploading homemade funny video clips to YouTube. Remember that you can still make money if the MP3 song uploaded receives lots of votes.

P/S: If you are currently creating music videos and uploading to YouTube, just convert your songs into MP3 and upload to TripleClicks. The FREE extra exposure is always good.



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