Smartphone Money Making Opportunities Online at AppRedeem

smartphone money making opportunities onlineMoney making opportunities at AppRedeem is simple. Basically smartphone users just have to try out smartphone apps and review them to make money. There is a list of smartphone application available for sign up members to review. Users have to download them through AppRedeem in order to earn points. The review process is simple. Users just have to rate the app via a five stars rating and provide improvement ideas if any. Users will be earning points by doing so. The amount of points varies and depending on the selection of app reviewed. The points usually range between 15 to 200 points. The points can be used to redeem Amazon gift cards, iTune gift cards or money. Users will required a PayPal account to redeem for money.

Sign up is FREE and so does downloading AppRedeem app. AppRedeem app is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android phone. Before you sign up for AppRedeem, look for bonus code online. Some websites are giving out bonus code which gives out certain amount of free points for new user. User will be prompted to enter the bonus code when creating the account. One of the codes I found online is “techcrunch” which gives out 50 points.

AppRedeem was founded by Sheffield Nolan and Frank Mattox who launches several top 10 iPhone apps. Given their reputation, skills and ability, I’m sure we won’t be disappointed trying to make some money out of AppRedeem.



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