Smartphone Money Making Opportunities at Qustodian

mobile money making opportunities onlineThe number of smartphone users has been increasing drastically lately. Even big companies like Google is targeting smartphone users market by implementing and launching features related to smartphone. Companies are racing and competing with each other trying to win the hearts of smartphone users. The one who is able to capture the most smartphone users eventually makes the most money. Freemium strategy is one of the most popular ways to attract smartphone users. This is good as smartphone users are able to enjoy lots of FREE stuff and FREE downloads. Some companies even go further by paying users for using their service. One of the companies or websites is Qustodian.

Yes. It is true. You get paid for using Qustodian service. Basically users will be receiving offers, promotions and news from shops, brands and businesses interested. Sign up is FREE and so does downloading the required smartphone app. Users just have to install the app and check out the information receives in order to get paid.  Users also need to make sure their mobile phone or smartphone are able to access mobile internet in order to use the service. Qustodian service works almost the same like Groupon because it is all about offers, discounts, products and services introduction. The biggest advantage is that customers are getting paid for receiving and checking out the information. Companies, brands and retailers are actually paying to communicate with customers. Although the amount of money earn is not much, it should be enough to cover some of your daily expenses. But still, there is one way to make more money. Users can sign up lots of members under own down line or network to receive 16.7% of their income. The main income received from each message or information is just 33%. This is the distribution of percentage earning which Qustodian is paying to user for all income received from brands and retailers to communicate with user.

Payments are done via PayPal. Minimum payout is £10. Users must be over 18 years old to join Qustodian. The app can be installed into smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java. Pretty much any smartphone platform or application is supported by the app. By the way, Qustodian service seems available for UK and Spain users only.



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