Smartphone Apps Review Money Making Opportunities at AppRush

money making opportunities apprushMoney making opportunities at AppRush is simple. Basically smartphone users just have to install the new apps, try it out and write reviews. Although the money earn might not be a lot, it is fun to try out new apps. There are two types of reviews users need to write in order to earn the money. Users will earn $1 for each app store review written. The app store review refers to the short brief review that you can write at Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Please remind that you need to sign up an account in order to write the review. The second type of review will required more detail info and feedback. This review requires users to explain more detail about the pro and con of the apps. There might be some questions required to answer. As the purpose of AppRush is to help developers improve the apps, users are expected to provide more useful and detail info about the apps. Each detail review written will be paid $3.

Payments are done via PayPal and the minimum payout is $10. Good news is that new sign up will be given $5 bonus. That means you just have to complete 2 apps reviews and you’ll be cashing out within 48 hours.

I have seen some similar money making opportunities which also tries to connect apps users and developers but most of those sites did not last long. Most sites are only able to get the first payment out and that’s it. This type of money making opportunities has potential to grow big but it is very difficult to handle both developers and users. At one side you need to maintain a good number of developers who make use of the service in order to produce enough new apps for review. At the other hand you need to attract lots of apps users who actually tested out the new apps thoroughly and able to write a detail review. Apps developers will demand for a service which can truly help improve their apps design with reasonable price. Apps users will want the highest pay they can get. It is all about finding the equilibrium or balance between both sides.

P/S: I will suggest having a best review title with $10 payout. Developers can be the one to select the best review title as they are the one paying for the service. Make it an optional for developers to add in the best review title. It can be a great motivation for apps users to try their best to get the title as the pay is better.



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