Smartphone and Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online at Ad Network LeadBoltApps

mobile money making opportunities onlineLeadBoltApps is a mobile ad network which advertiser can make use of the service to reach out smartphone users and app publisher can make money placing ads at their apps. According to their website, LeadBoltApps is a leading mobile ad network ranking as one of the top 25 advertising networks. They are also awarded first place in the Anthill Smart 100 Readers Choice index of top innovative products of 2011. The achievements are very impressive.

As an app design publisher, it is about choosing the right smartphone ad network which delivers the most money. LeadBoltApps enables publisher to customize the ads fully in order to optimize earning. This is one of the unique features allowed. Apps developers just have to test it out in order to find out. By the way, Sign up is FREE.

Another interesting part about LeadBoltApps is the affiliate program. I suppose this is the only money making opportunities online provided by LeadBoltApps which allow bloggers and site owners to make money. Affiliates will be making 10% from income earned by publishers referred. You can make a lot of money if you are able to refer 100 referrals that make at least $1000 each per month. A 10% of the amount mention is about $10,000 per month, and that is a lot of money just from 100 referrals. You can request payment once your earning reaches a minimum payout of $100.

P/S: You may also try out LeadBolt which is suitable for website and blog. This is an alternative ad network other than Google Adsense.



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