Simple Money Making Opportunities Online via Android Apps MintCoins

mintcoinsIt is not something new for making money online via completing surveys, reading emails, installing programs and signing up websites. I used to sign up couple of similar programs and earned couple of bucks. You might not make a lot of money but you should be able to make enough money for some candy bars. Now that many people are using smartphone and tablet devices, it seems this kind of money making opportunities online has starting to evolve and bringing their program to multi touch screen or apps platform.

One of the popular apps that I’m going to introduce has over 50 thousands download is MintCoins. The app is free to download and install. Basically users are paid for installing apps, inviting friends, registering sites, completing surveys, watching videos and playing games. Once users earn the minimum payout of $1, cash out can be done though PayPal.

There are other similar money making opportunities apps just like MintCoins that you can try out. Usually these type of apps are unable to stay on for long but let’s just hope that the apps is able to evolve into something reliable that users can make some money online. Throughout the years only a small percentage of such money making opportunities online idea is able to survive and continue paying users. Ironically when similar apps or websites are introduced, people are always giving the benefit of a doubt and trying it out.

There are few things that I’m concern about trying out MintCoins. Although most of the reviews from Google Play are giving it 3 stars and above, I still have some questions about it. Will the apps gather information from our smartphone or tablets? Is it safe to provide PayPal ID and password for the apps? As I’m going to install and uninstall lots of apps, will it makes my operation system unstable and crash often? If you are relying on your smartphone or tablet device for work or stored important contacts or information, it is best to stay away from MintCoins. You really don’t want to risk losing all the data within or having to reformat your smartphone or tablet devices. But if your smartphone or tablet devices are just for entertainment purposes, it’s not a bad idea to try making some money out from MintCoins.

P/S: You need to decide if the time spend on the apps is worth the amount of money make. Personally it is not something that we can consider as a part time job, but it is surely something that we can have fun with. Remember that you don’t get pay for playing angry bird or candy crash.



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