Short Task Money Making Opportunities Online

ShortTask is another money making opportunities online website just like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Those who wish to make money will need to sign up as solvers and make money by completing tasks. There are about two thousands of tasks available when I’m writing this post. Solvers just have to find suitable tasks and complete the tasks within the given time. Once solvers fulfill the tasks and gain approval from the employers, rewards will be paid. The tasks are usually simple work which can be completed at home with a computer and internet access. Example of the tasks include linking a site, click on Like for Facebook page, filling out forms, making a comment, signing up for a forum and many more.

Payments are done via PayPal. Minimum payout is $10 and you have to bear the charges from PayPal when withdrawing money. Remember that you will only receive money when the seeker or employer approves your work. If your work is rejected, you might need to redo the work or in some cases might not get paid. If you did a good job and the seeker is satisfied with your work, you might even earn additional payment as a bonus.

The tasks are mostly simple. Thus many people will be competing for the job. You actually need to be fast in grabbing the tasks and make sure that the work quality is maintained. By the way, due to most of the tasks are simple and there are lots of people doing it, the pay might not be so high for each task. You might need to complete a lot of tasks in order to reach the minimum payout.



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