SFI Strong Future International Review 6 The Improvement and Helps

SFI Strong Future International launches a new international multi channel advertising co-op to help affiliates on the path of success. Basically it’s a worldwide advertising campaign that includes utilizing magazine, newspaper, mobile devices, websites, blogs, racetrack and many more. Affiliates who participate in this campaign generally will receive sign-ups from both SFI affiliates and TC members. I think this campaign is good for affiliates that are struggling in getting sign-ups. Especially for international affiliates, perhaps this is the best way to get some US downlines.  In order to participate in S-Builder, members need to purchase one or more S-Builder units at TripleClicks. Each unit cost $24 but if you’re a TC Booster Club Member you’ll save $2 by getting it $22 per unit. That means the more unit you purchase, the more sign-ups you’ll get. There are only a limited number of spots available in the co-op, so be sure to grab it fast if you’re interested. By the way, this is a monthly campaign. That means you need to pay $24 each month to continue participate in the campaign. You can make use of the Standing Order to make sure that your spot is kept.

One of the most interesting advertisements that SFI did is utilizing a new “racing approach”. Yup, SFI is involving in NASCAR sponsorship. You may even spot a race car with EyeEarn on it. Just check out the NASCAR racing on TV and you’ll be surprise. If you’re part of the S-Builder co-op, that means you’ll get sign ups from the racing advertisement.

I have to say SFI really is good in marketing and advertising. In terms of getting new sign up members and affiliates I think SFI did a good job. What I’m concern at the moment is the part between seller and customers. No doubt SFI has lots of products on sales. You can basically choose any product in TripleClicks and try to sell it. The question is how to sell those products effectively. It will be great if SFI can provide more tools and helps for affiliates to sell the products. Once SFI members are able to sell TripleClicks products to regular customers easily, I’m sure it will boost the company to a higher level.

P/S: I’m still getting sign ups or new dowlines on and off. But still I have no luck in getting those who are seriously wanted to give SFI a try. As for selling products from TripleClicks, honestly it’s not doing so well. Maybe I need to change my promotion method or try something new. I’ll let you know once I gather my thoughts and figure it out. I believe there’s a way to do this, I just haven’t find out yet.



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