SFI Strong Future International Review 5 Money comes in when products are sold

It has been about 3 months since I joined SFI Strong Future International. I manage to sponsor some members and activate my EyeEarn account. I spend most of my time promoting SFI Strong Future International within the last 3 month. I did not actually trying to sell or promoting the products in TripleClick. Now that I’ve finish setting up SFI Strong Future International banners and links on all my blogs, my next step is try to sell TripleClick products.

Honestly, the only time that you’re going to earn money is when products are sold. Well, that’s the basic nature of all businesses and that includes SFI Strong Future International. Either you’re able to sell or your sponsors able to sell. In other words you earn money if you’re able to sell TripleClick products or you’re able to sponsors those that able to sell. We can’t actually control the person that we sponsored to be a sales person, but what we can do is try to sell the products ourselves. As for me I’ll make full use of free classified ads online. There are couples of benefits that you can get by promoting TripleClick products at free classified ads. First is to sell products and second is having the chance to sponsor TripleClick members. The problem is that you might need to put in much effort in order to see the results. Good thing is that it’s free.

Another way is to purchase the things that you need through your own TripleClick account. Instead of buying things like food, supplements, Magazine and books at your local store, why not just get them at your own TripleClick account? I suppose this is call hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. Next you just have to introduce this method to all your sponsors. Imagine if you have about 100 sponsors that doing the same thing as you are, you’re definitely going to see some results.

P/S: Thanks to EyeEarn program, I’m able to earn little bit of money just after 3 months. It’s not much but at least I get something in return after activating EyeEarn program. I suppose the really money only comes in when products are sold. Either I’m selling it or my sponsors.



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