SFI Strong Future International Review 4 Wait for the Money or Work for the Money

I got my EyeEarn starter kit right before March. I put up my car sticker and activated my EyeEarn account. Next I just have to keep my EyeEarn account active by taking the survey at the end of every month. That way I can maintain my SFI membership even if I did not hit 500VP.

Now that I secure my SFI membership, next is to decide what I need to do or work on it. If I choose not to do anything but just maintain as an active EyeEarner, I still will get something in return. I’ll be credited as the referrer on a portion of new sign up for TripleClicks members. I’ll earn 20% to 72% customer commissions on sales made by the referred members. I’ll also be credited as the sponsor on a portion of new sign up for EyeEarn members. I’ll earn up to 40% affiliate overrides on sales made by my EyeEarners. Some of the enrollments from ClickBucks also will flows in. Every month I’ll get one free TripleClicks “TCredit” to list an item for sale at TripleClicks. If none of the above generates income for me, I’ll receive a share of EyeEarners Cash Pool. Well, that’s about all the stuff that I’ll get by just maintaining as an active EyeEarners without doing anything.

I might be able to earn some extra money if I’m not putting any effort on SFI, but that might take years. Since I’m already in the game, why not try playing hard and see how much I can score. Honestly, I hope to earn at least few hundred bucks per month before the end of the year. That’s my goal and I’m definitely working hard towards that. So here’s what I’m going to do. First of all, I’ll promote SFI, EyeEarn and TripleClicks on all my blogs. Second, I’ll try to sell the stuff on TripleClicks at free classified ads. Third, I’ll try to promote EyeEarn within the people around me. I suppose that’s enough to keep me busy for some time. There are still some other things that I can promote and market at SFI, but let’s just take it one step at a time as I learned more about SFI. Let’s just see how things turn out later.

P/S: I earn some commission for January and February, not much but it’s a start.



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