SFI Strong Future International Review 3 Free info and material for Make money online

If you’re planning to buy some eBooks about make money online, affiliates, network marketing, advertisement and home business, you can save your money by just signing up with SFI. You can gain all those information just by signing up with SFI and it’s free. Especially if you’re new with all the stuff mention and are just getting started, SFI is the first place to check out before you start investing your money and time. Honestly, the information provided at SFI is just enough to get you started. Best of all SFI helps in providing a good start out not just by supply the necessary knowledge but also a plan to help your business grow. That means you’re free to check out what SFI provides and decide to work on it or not later.

So what does SFI actually provides? There is a training section which includes:

  1. Articles, tips, advice and tutorial about referring and sponsoring affiliates.
  2. Getting started training
  3. Reports and articles from business experts
  4. Internet income course
  5. Frequently asked question

The above just are some of the materials and info. Those are considered as big topics. There are lots of categories under those big topics. Just go ahead and check them out once you sign up. If you still have some other question after going through all the material, you can try email your up line or even Gery Carson – President and Founder of SFI. Of cause you can email me too.

P/S: I’m still waiting for my EyeEarn starter kid to arrive but it seems to be a bit late, might be due to the long Chinese New Year holidays. I was able to hit 1500 points last month January because of the starting points given by SFI. This month (February) I drop to maintain 500 points. That’s ok since I’m still new and just started. It’s going to need some time to build up my network. Besides, my goal in this month is to activate EyeEarn and learn about it. Let’s just hope my starter kid arrive before end of February. By the way, I was able to get myself some direct sponsored too.



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2 Responses to “SFI Strong Future International Review 3 Free info and material for Make money online”

  1. Robert Eckert says:

    Kudo’s,On the post for SFI Marketing Group.I noticed you added some valuable information on EYEEARN.Also be Patient they will give you the Starter Pack.

    Sometimes they get a little behind ,but believe me it’s well worth the wait.Just remember the plan of action when it arrives. If you need any help what so ever.By all means contact me by e-mail.

    I will be glad to help you anyway,I can.

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks. I’ll definitely email you if I have any question. As for now, I’m still trying to understand things around SFI. I have lots of question in my mind, but I’ll contact you once I get it sorted out.