SFI Strong Future International Review 2 Reasons to Do it

It’s been about 1 month that I sign up SFI. I spend most of the time going through the site and materials as there are lots of stuff in SFI. Still I did not waste any time promoting it any way I can. The earlier I start and harder I work, earlier I reach my goal. In this review, I’ll talk about the reasons that I decided to work on SFI. Sign up is easy as it’s free. That did not help to make my decision. It basically just shows me the opportunities. Below are the reasons that I think SFI worth doing.

  1. The minimum requirement to maintain as Affiliate. This is the Question that most people will ask, including me. Basically we just have to hit 500 points within 60 days. That can be done by follow and work on the to-do-list prepared by SFI. If you spend some time, even if it’s 20 minutes per day working on SFI, it should be easy to hit 500 points within 60 days. If still can’t hit 500 points, the best alternative is to become an active EyeEarn member. It’s a onetime purchase of theEyeEarn starter kit that worth $20. After that you just have to login SFI during the last 5 days of the month and complete the EyeEarn Reactivation Form. It’s basically just some simple questions and surveys. Plus you’ll receive commission or one share of the MaxMalls Pool being a part of EyeEarn.
  2. The possibility of success is high because the business strategy is real and practical. Lots of products are sold at MaxMalls, consumers’ auction their stuff at TripleClicks, advertisement keeps on going with EyeEarn, all these basically telling us that a real business is going on. All we have to do is just being a part of it and follow the to-do-list. Besides we are not doing this alone. There are many successful up lines that are willing to help us. All we have to do is ask. Helping down lines is the same as helping up line themselves. Plus, up line can help to increase your down line by reassigning their affiliates under you. That means you still able to grow even if you have problems getting sponsors. A little bit of time, work and investment for a chance of an unlimited extra income definitely worth it.
  3. People that believes and are doing great with SFI. Check out SFI Power Rankings and you’ll find that not everyone from US. In fact there are people from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Greece, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Canada, Norway, Bangladesh, Switzerland and Netherlands within the top 50. You might even find some of the names very familiar as they are actively involved in other money making online opportunities too. This proves that you don’t have to stay in US to become successful in SFI. You have the same opportunities and chances even in different countries. If they can do it, why can’t we?

I decided to activate my EyeEarn account while trying to hit at least 500 points monthly. Thanks for a big help or push from my up line Mr. Robert Eckert. There are still much to learn.

Unfortunately EyeEarn program is no longer available.



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5 Responses to “SFI Strong Future International Review 2 Reasons to Do it”

  1. Albert says:

    This is totally waste. You can not accumulate 500 points even if you have EyeEarn activation.

  2. Kumo says:

    It is true that you can not accumulate 500 points. But being active in EyeEarn will maintain your member status. There are 2 ways to keep your affiliate status, either maintain 500 points within 60 days or being an active EyeEarn member. As long as you have an active membership, you can keep on working on SFI. I choose EyeEarn because it’s an easier way compare to hitting the 500 points.

  3. Robert Eckert says:

    Albert,just remember to stay active in SFI and read the
    MY SFI to-do-list or go to versa points FAQ.Every page has versa points that you can accumulate each and every month.
    You only need 500 pts per month to stay active.

    Show up for 30 days straight and check your Home Page and My alerts Page you recieve 2 pt.s for each page which is 4 per day which is 4×30=120 Versa Points for that.Then you could read some of the article’s and tips for staying active in SFI.Some give 20 Pt’s for each small task this will get you to where you need to be.

    I belive anyone can do this “IF” they are wanting to change there overall lifestyle.SFI has give people like you and me a chance to make good living online.With out any out of pocket expense.

    If you compare SFI to any other free home based businesses that you can do from the comfort of your own home.SFI wins Hands Down.

    Why you still have time go into your ADMIN area and look around click some links of interest to you.I just about could guarantee you.You’ll find all the tools you need to stay active in SFI and promote it for free.

    Read how they promoted SFI in the past and stop by the forum and ask ?????.I did this when,I started in SFI.

    There are materials you can make flyers to stick up at your local dry cleaner’s, post office and local restuarants.

    Just remember to ask if you can post your flyers on there bullentin boards.Excellent way to get local home business opportunity seekers.If you need any more help just ask.

    I hope this will help you!

  4. Kumo says:

    Thanks for the comment, Robert. Oh by the way, Albert. Nobody can get 500 points if they don’t work for it. The only way to success in SFI or anything is to work on it. It’s just that simple.

  5. Robert Eckert says:

    That’s Right!Tire kicker’s are easy to scrutinize what we all work hard for.Success come’s with in any individual who wants to change their lifestyle.

    Anyways NEXT!