SFI Strong Future International Money Making Opportunities Review 7

auction money making opportunitiesSFI Strong Future International launches a new feature call live Pricebenders “penny auctions” which allows member to bid and win merchandise and gift cards. It’s a new section at TripleClicks as members can use TCredits to place their bids. At the beginning the price of the auction product starts at only $0.01(one cent). Each time a bid is place, the price increases by just $0.01(one cent). The final bidder will then purchase the product for the ending price. In most cases the winning price will be very much lower than the original price. (All winners have been purchasing the products less than half of the original price.)

The new Pricebenders at TripleClicks definitely is an interesting and attractive feature. Members are able to bid and win products in a very low price. Not to mention some of the products include GPS Navigator, Apple iPod, Diamond Earrings, Blu ray disc player, digital camera, Xbox, Wii and gift cards. Check out the list of the winners and you’ll find that some of them just need to pay few dollars for a few hundred dollars products. Does that sound attractive enough? Even if you did not successfully win the auction, for every 3 bids that you place, you earn 1 FREE song download from TuneFlow. If you win the auction, all you have to pay is the winning price as shipping is FREE.

Here’s how you get your chance to get into the auction and win some really low price products. First you need to sign up SFI Strong Future International and complete the Launchpad training. Sign up is FREE. Once you complete your startup training, you’ll receive 50 TCredits for FREE which you can use to place your bid. The 50 TCredits are FREE for new members’ startup only. You need to purchase if you need additional TCredits. I suppose 50 TCredits is enough to win couple of products. Everything is FREE except when you win the auction and have to pay for the products that you win.

This is the latest benefits that you’ll get by joining SFI Strong Future International. There are ways which you can continue to get FREE TCredits for the auctions but I’ll explain it later if you’re interested. Just let me know after you sign up and I’ll give you the details. The new Pricebenders “penny auctions” launched just about 1 month. So you need to act fast before too many people started to jump into the auction. Besides you have nothing to lose as everything is FREE for new beginners.

Actually SFI Strong Future International has lot of benefits. It’s an online business which you can do it from the comfort of your home. This post is my 7th review of money making opportunities SFI Strong Future International. You may find out all the benefits from my 6 other reviews. Currently I’m still continues to receive my commission and getting downlines. The progress might be slow but the effort and commission adds up throughout years. This small part time income can turn out to be more than just a huge full time pay check.



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  1. George says:

    This sounds like a nice way to wealth building. I just sign up for the website and confirm my registration. Thanks for sharing.

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