Selling Image Money Making Opportunities at iStockphoto

image money making opportunitiesiStockphoto is the internet’s original member generated image and design community. iStockphoto begins as a free stock photo exchange website back in April 2000 and started to sell stock images by 2001 with low affordable prices. After 10 years the site has become one of the leading stock photos website. Currently there are more than 70000 artists from all over the world contributing their work and creation at iStockphoto. The artworks consist of photos, illustrations, flash, video and audio. You’ll find lots of royalty free photographs available as well. If you’re an artist or just a person whose interest is in this field and have lots of artworks, you might find lots of money making opportunities at iStockphoto.

When I introduce a website of money making opportunities which a lot of people already making lots of money within, couple of things I’ll think of. The first thing that comes to my mind is the competition within the website. That means chances of successfully grabbing money making opportunities. My second consideration is the benefit obtained other than making money selling images. No doubt there will be tough competition making money at iStockphoto, but still the effort that you put into will not be waste. Before you can actually see money coming in you’ll need to learn and upgrade yourself. Only when your artwork reaches certain level of quality, then you’ll start seeing money coming in. Once you’re starting to make money, that means you’ve successfully upgrade yourself and able to compete with others. You can actually do that by participating at iStockphoto forum. There is lots of valuable information available about money making opportunities at iStockphoto. Besides checking out the information, you have to sign up and take part in the discussions too. Making friends at the forum is a must in order to introduce your work. That includes learning and taking advice from others.  Ask for help and assistance at the forum if necessary. The knowledge and training that you gain at iStockphoto will continue to aid you even after moving on to other money making opportunities.

You make money at iStockphoto by becoming a contributor. Sign up is free. You can choose the types of file that you like to contribute and take a quick quiz. Finally you have to submit three original samples of your artwork for evaluation. As a contributor, iStockphoto pays a base royalty rate of 20% for each file downloaded. If you’re an exclusive contributor, the royalty rate can reach up to 40%. You’ll even get the chance to travel the world if you’re eligible for exclusivity. That’s participating in the official multi-day iStock event where executive iStock artists gather to produce art. This is not just a simple money making opportunities but a path towards the success of your artwork. Payments are done via PayPal, Moneybookers, check or direct deposit when your account reaches a minimum $100 payout. For the direct deposit you need to sign up for iStockphoto MasterCard Payoneer.

P/S: The best thing about iStockphoto is not the money making opportunities but the rich information, knowledge resources and especially the community. There are more than 70000 artists contributing their work at iStockphoto. I’m sure you’ll get lots of chances to learn from these artists.



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