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buyblogreviews BuyBlogReviews is a fairly new site as there are only 2 jobs that I can bid on. That is if my blog is registered under the same category. You can only bid on the categories that your blog covered and registered in. The good news is that you get to register as many blogs as you like but you need to get their approval before you can take the reviews. Actually you get paid for review blogs and you need to bid to get the job. That means advertiser get to decide who to write the reviews. Payment are done every 1st and 15th of the month through PayPal. BuyBlogReviews charges 30% of what you get from your reviews. That means you only get 70% of the price you bid on. BuyBlogReviews has an affiliate program that enables you to earn more money by referring bloggers and advertisers. According to their statement, they pay out 15% of total money spent on first transaction of advertisers or bloggers. If I’m reading this right then we only get paid once for the people we referred when their make their first transaction. That doesn’t sound really attractive to me. Well, that’s better then nothing. Besides, the site is still new so I’ll give it some time to expand and develop. Let us see how it goes after 6 month.



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  1. Online stores says:

    hi, how to submit a review at buyblogreviews?, i can’t find the link

  2. Kumo says:

    Please sign up and refer to the FAQ of the site.