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money making opportunities fund raisingI mention about a fund raising website call Kickstarter few months ago. I kind of like the idea of fund raising online which all the people in the world can participate and give support as long as they’re able to go online. Unfortunately Kickstarter only works in US. As for those that are not staying in US, you can still create a fund raising campaign at IndieGoGo which provides similar service. IndieGoGo allows everybody to use their service as long as the project has a bank account somewhere in the world. IndieGoGo is available in 136 countries and expending as we speak.

There are two things that I like about IndieGoGo. First is that everybody can use their service either you’re a writer, designer, software developer, nonprofit, musician, filmmaker, charity, or even an entrepreneur. Yes, that’s right. You can even try starting a project to raise funds for your money making opportunities ideas. Second is that it’s accepting projects from all around the world. That means you can start a project even if you’re not staying in US or don’t have a US bank account. Sign up is free. You can start create your project as soon as you create an account. Basically everything is free except IndieGoGo charges a 9% marketplace fee on funds raised. The projects are also responsible for the 3rd party payment processing and international wire fees. That just means any other extra charges will be on you. Good thing is that if you’re able to reach your goal, IndieGoGo will reward you a 5% cash back bonus. That means you just have to pay a total of 4% marketplace fee on funds raised. If you did everything right and work hard on promoting your fund raising project, you might just raise more money then you expected. The key to a successful fund raising project is simple. You just have to be honest and provide all the details of your project. Not to mention you have to create a video to prove you’re honest and the truth of what’s behind.

Now that international members get to create projects to raise funds, next is to work hard on fund raising. Creating the project to raise funds is easy. Promoting it and getting people to support is the hard part. Contributions can be made through PayPal, Amazon, credit card and check. In order to get funders and fans you basically have to let people know about you and your project. Again the best way to do this is keeps on providing updated video clips.

P/S: You’re actually asking money from people around the world who don’t have a clue about you. So it’s not going to be easy. But still opportunity is there. You just have to work hard to convince them.



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  1. James says:

    I think the place is absolutely unique, there are many other portals, but usually funds are available just in US or there is huge fee for application to be approved. Definitely this website will be useful for me.