Raise Capital for your money making opportunities at Seedrs

seedrsIf you have a business idea or a thought of money making opportunities that you like to start up but lack of money or capital, the first thing that we normally think of is bank. You will have to do a lot of homework and preparation to convince bankers that your business idea is worth investing and will definitely make money. Unfortunately most banks won’t approve the loan unless you are able to provide assets which have the same value as the money you borrow. Another alternative is to make use of the crowdfunding website and ask the public for the money you need. Try Seedrs if you are staying in Europe and hope to raise some capital to start your own entrepreneur business.

At Seedrs, you can make use of the platform to raise capital for your business. Or you can become an investor by investing your money on any startups. Just like any other crowdfunding website, campaign created to raise capital needs to be legal, interesting and practical. Simply submit a campaign without proper preparation will be rejected. As an investor you have the opportunity to participate in business startups by purchasing their shares. You will be given the opportunity to vote and receive regular updates regarding the business progress. If the business invested is successful, you will earn money according to the shares you purchase. Remember that not all business can be successful. But still I believe investing in startup businesses can be profitable. Bear in mind that not everybody can invest through Seedrs. You need to complete their Investment Authorization Questionnaire. In other words, they are looking for people who understand well about the risks in investing.



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