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freelance money making opportunitiesAs a freelancer, it’s very important to get your name out online. In other words you have to make it easy for clients and customers to find you. One way to do it is to create a virtual portfolio at Freelance Portfolios. You can basically list out your services, qualification, experience, work samples and recommendation. Freelance Portfolios is free to sign up. There are about 187 talented freelancers available in their list and waiting to be hired. Does that mean too many competitions for you to sign up? Not at all because you’re not just trying to get hired or finding clients, but your main purpose is to market and promote your name. The concept is just the same as building lots of links or backlinks to your blog. It doesn’t matter if the website that you put your name on is popular or not, it’s the matter of getting your name on as many website as you can. I suppose that is call getting more exposure. From the moment that you sign up, your portfolio will be display on the newest portfolios section. That should give you an instant exposure to grab some clients. After that you can try get your portfolio into featured portfolios section or the most popular portfolios section. I think you need to put in some effort to actually get your portfolio on both sections.

As this website is call Freelance Portfolios, there will sure have some freelance jobs listed. Just check out the writing jobs section and you’ll find the latest jobs available. There are also some other links that you can check out for writing jobs, graphic design and photography. No doubt this is another money making opportunities website for freelancers.

It actually takes time to build up your name and reputation. Just treat every one of your job seriously no matter how small it is. Sometimes it might be a good idea to just do it for free. Finally live up with your promises. You just have to remember that all the work and effort you’ve done really does has an effect. Just that it takes time to develop into something big that you can actually see.

P/S: Freelance Portfolios is no longer available.



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