Paying Attention Money Making Opportunities at YouData

attention money making opportunitiesYou can find the statement that says The World’s First Attention Payment System at YouData. The attention payment system money making opportunities might be the world’s first at YouData but it’s only available in US. So make sure you take note about this before start signing up. There are actually two methods of money making opportunities at YouData. First is being a customer and sell your attention and second is being a publisher using your blog.

As a customer, you can sell your attention to YouData. It’s more a less like reading or watching an advertisement but the approach is a bit different and unique. You need to build your own MeFile. MeFile is an anonymous, self made profile that defines you as a consumer. Basically you just need to enter two basic elements into your MeFile, your date of birth and gender. Then the rest is up to you. The more detail and quality information you provide, the more valuable a target you become. That means you’ll get better ads and higher offer from advertisers. You can place a price on your attention and filter irrelevant ads. In other words you can choose which and what ads to take a look. This method is good as it benefits both the customers and the advertisers. Advertisers pay only for customers that are interested in the ads. Customers don’t have to waste time looking at ads that are not interested. Your attention act as currency and it can be used to pay for downloads. The download consists of music, videos and games. You may even choose to cash it out or donate it to charity.

As a publisher or a blogger, you can make money by embed a YouData Adget on your blog.  The YouData Adget is a 5-stack non-invasive, plain vanilla wrapper for your MeFile visitors to access their own ads at your blog. It’s a 234×465 pixels dimension that accommodates five standard IAB half banner graphics. You might need to redesign or edit the Adget to suit your blog. Blogger or publisher makes money by impression splits and visitor tips/donations. The impression splits method goes like this. When the MeFile owner reveals the graphic ad banners and collects the per-ad impression payment of $0.05 (up to $0.25 total if full 5 ads present), YouData pays the host blog an additional $0.02 per banner (up to $0.10 if 5 ads present). As for the visitor tips/donation it goes like this. Following the banner impression, the text portion of each ad is revealed. The Give/Keep slider that appears near the top of the Adget represents the “tip-jar” functionality where a MeFile visitor can set how much of their click-through proceeds to split with the hosting blog/site.

Let me remind you again this money making opportunities is only available for US. Plus each household only allowed two accounts. That means only two people allowed to sign up for YouData for the same address. Payments are done via PayPal on every Friday. There is no minimum payout but you need to bear the transaction fee on post by PayPal. The only thing that I don’t like is that we have to activate our account by receiving the activation code via mobile device. It’s a bit troublesome but that’s how they prevent individuals from creating more than one MeFile.



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