Pay Per View Money Making Opportunities Online at directCPV

We heard about PPC or pay per click when it comes to make money online. And Google Adsense provides the best money making opportunities online in this category. There is also a different type of PPC or pay per call money making opportunities which I have discuss about it in my previous post title “Pay Per Call Money Making Opportunities from RingRevenue” As for this post, we will talk about Pay Per View directCPV.

Basically publishers get paid every time advertisements are viewed. The ads will be open in new browser window via pop-up, pop-under or interstitial ads. The Pay Per View feature can be use within blog, website and even desktop software applications. If you have a downloadable application which attracts lots of users, it can generate lots of revenue. Publishers will earn 50% of the gross revenues paid by advertisers. Payments are done via PayPal, wire transfer or check. Minimum payout is USD $100. Publishers will be paid after 45 days following the last day of each calendar month. Just like any other online advertising company, traffic quality and fraudulent transaction will be check before issuing any payment.

No doubt this is another alternative for making money online other than Google Adsense. The basic concept and rules are almost the same but still publishers have to study the effectiveness and suitability of implementing Pay Per View feature. Remember to monitor the response of your readers because pop-up ads usually are not welcome by most readers.



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