Pay Per Call Money Making Opportunities from RingRevenue

mobile money making opportunitiesMoney making opportunities provided by RingRevenue is simple. Publishers make money from Pay Per Call. Publishers will be given a toll free number after signing up and applied from the advertiser. Each time the toll free number is call, publisher will get paid. Basically the concept is the same as Pay Per Click. Instead of getting paid by the clicks, publishers are getting paid by the calls.

RingRevenue was founded in 2007 and has been helping lots of advertisers generating millions of dollars in revenue. Especially with the blooming of smartphone users worldwide, RingRevenue has been riding the success wave right from the beginning. Sign up is free but getting approval from advertisers is a bit difficult. Publisher has to apply for the call campaign in order to get the toll free number. There are lots of advertisers available to choose but try to look for suitable products or services that match your blog or website. Once approved by advertisers, promote the toll free number in your blog or website. Each time a user makes a call to the toll free number, you get paid.

If you check out the advertisers carefully, most of the calls are targeted in US or Canada. The conversion rate will be higher if the traffic of your blog or website is mostly US readers. You may also make use of the mobile ad network such as AdMob, AdFonix, InMobi and Mojiva to drive Pay Per Call volume. This method requires a mobile site or smartphone viewable blog or website. You may also try making use of Google latest ad innovation call “Click to Call Phone Extensions”.

P/S: I think smartphone technology really helps improve businesses for Pay Per Call Company like RingRevenue. Smartphone user just have to surf online, saw a site which describe a service or product, click on the toll free number listed for inquiry and the click make the call automatically. This makes it easy for consumers to connect with advertisers and businesses.



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