Part Time Freelancing Jobs at Craigslist

Craigslist is not hiring part timer. Don’t get me wrong. This is about the part time freelancing jobs that we can find at Craigslist. No doubt Craigslist is a goldmine. There are lots of money making opportunities hidden within Craigslist. The problem is how to identify and find these opportunities and jobs. Just like a goldmine, we still have to learn where to dig, wash away heavy dirt and identify the gold. Gold digging is hard work but definitely worth the effort. This goes the same as finding money making opportunities at Craigslist.

Craigslist is the largest free classifieds website online. Millions of visitors check out the website for business opportunities, buying, selling, renting, part time job hunting, talent searching and many other business deals. If you are looking for part time job or freelance work, gigs section under writing page is the common area you should look around. Gigs section is available under local, national and city pages. You will find New York City Craigslist page has the most job opportunities compare to other area. Just go through all the gigs section and bookmark those areas which have the most job opportunities. These are the pages that you should check out every day. Sometimes people might request for writing services under jobs and services section. You can use SearchTempest or CraigsPal to make your search easy within Craigslist.

Now that you know where to find the freelancing jobs, next is to figure out which opportunities worth taking. If the opportunities are too good to be true, skip it as most probably it’s a scam. Look for opportunities that provide lots of information and job description in details. Usually those who are seriously looking for part time workers or freelancers will try to provide as much information as possible so that they won’t have to repeat themselves when people contacting them.

Once you have found the work opportunities, next is to introduce and sell yourself to get the job. Remember that customers based on two factors when deciding to hire you or not. You will be hired if the price is right and you need to convince them you have the skill to get the job done nicely. Getting the price right is a bit tricky. Obviously customers will strive for lowest price and you will like to get pay as high as possible. It will be best to check out the market price for the service that you are offering before negotiating with customers. Set a slightly higher price compare to the regular market price at the beginning. Reduce the price to slightly lower than the regular price when customers asking for a better price. Usually customers will accept the price once you explain that the price is already lower than the market price. When it comes to the part of proving your skills and convincing customers your ability, the best way is to show your resume and work examples. It will be better if you have an online portfolio or a blog to show them. By the way, sometimes customers just need to make sure the person they hired can be trusted and get the job done in time.

P/S: If you treat this online money making opportunities like a normal full time job and satisfied each and every customer you serve at Craigslist, you will be getting repeated business deals. Creating a good reputation will attract lots of business opportunities.



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