Parked Domain Money Making Opportunities Online

domain money making opportunitiesParked is a money making opportunities website which allows users to parked their domain and make money. It works just like Google Adsense for domain but with some differences. If you don’t have a Google Adsense account or used to have a Google Adsense account, consider this as alternative money making opportunities for the domains you owned.

Sign Up is FREE. There is no service charge or setup fee either. But you need to have at least 10 domains to join Parked. When domains are parked, relevant phrases, categories and templates will setup according to the name of the domain. Users can also create their own templates. The site also offers automated and manual optimization to boost earnings. There is also a referral program which allows members to make extra money. Member will be paid 10% for all the earnings made by the people they referred. And members will keep on earning the 10% commission as long as the people referred continue to make money. Payments are done via direct deposit, PayPal, check and wire transfer. Minimum payout is $20 and payments are done twice per month.

As we need at least 10 domains to join Parked. The cost for participating this money making opportunities online is about $100. This is actually the cost to purchase 10 domains for a year. In order to make a profit, we need to make more than $100 within a year. Sounds easy, right? Well, if you are not careful, you might not be making any money at all. You need to purchase popular domain names which most people will search online. This is actually much more difficult than you think. Most of the popular or well-known title already been taken. You might be spending a lot of time search for the domain names and mostly are not available.

Usually domain parked does not make a lot of money. In most cases, the earnings are just enough to pay for the purchase of the domain name. The part which makes the most money is buying and selling domain names. While waiting for a better deal to come forward, domains are parked to cover the cost of ownership. The question is how do we know if a domain name will worth a lot later? I suppose we have to be very good in guessing name or title. An example is to guess the next generation of iPad or iPhone.

P/S: There is a lot of similar money making opportunities website which allows users to park their domain and make money. I suppose any given website works fine for me as long as I’m able to make money with my domains.



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