Online Advertising Market Exchange at ADonion, Google Adsense Alternative

adonionAdonion is an alternative money making opportunities just like Google Adsense. If you’re banned by Google Adsense or find that your earning is not up to your expectation, perhaps you can try Adonion. The procedure is simple. All you have to do is sign up, create ad zone, generate the ad code and place it on your website or blog. It’s almost similar with Google Adsense. One thing I like about Adonion is that publisher has a lot of control over the ads and merchants. Publisher can request certain ads to run at specific ad zone. In addition publisher can even choose campaign payout type such as CPC, CPM, CPV or CPI. This really gives publisher a lot of choices. Publisher can even send a request if found an interested ad offer.

Creating the ad zone might take some time as the process is lot more specific than I thought. Publisher needs to fill in impression per day, category, site description and top countries of your blog traffic. Most important of all you need to decide your ads price for various countries. There is a section call AdGration where you can place an alternative advertisement if Adonion ads are not running, which means that particular ad zone will not left empty as you can set up several different ads for replacement. Once the ad zone is set up, all the controls can be manage from Adonion. So you don’t have to go back to your blog or site to change the code.

In order to get your site or blog approved, I think you need to have a good quality blog or site. I’m guessing at least a page rank 1 or above with good quality content. I have couple of blogs without page rank and page rank 0 and both of them are not approved. Anyway, just submit your blog or site and see how it goes.

Payments are done via check or Paypal with a minimum payout of $50. Payments are bi weekly or every 15 days. That’s much better compare to Google Adsense where minimum payout is $100.



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