Mystery Shopping Money Making Opportunities at RQA

mystery shopper money making opportunitiesOne of the most interesting money making opportunities is participating in mystery shopping. RQA, Inc. invites you to join their network of Independent Contractors who are professional, reliable, honest and take pride in completing a thorough and accurate job. In other words, this is the work of a mystery shopper. As the jobs are about performing product retrievals, retail quality audits, product recalls, consumer complaint retrievals and a host of other services, it is crucial that contractors perform the work with the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior.

The job seems to be simple as basically you just have to follow the instruction and perform the task accordingly. The tasks are categorized into project types and you have the option of choosing the projects that you like. The projects include consumer retrieval, product retrieval, product withdrawals/recalls/effectiveness checks, retail audits and manufacturing services. Although you have the options to choose but not all projects available in your area, plus some projects require certification or specialized training. I suppose there are more tasks available in US than other countries.

The registration is a bit long and complicated. I suppose that’s how the company evaluates your qualification. You’ll need to answer lots of question in two steps registration process. It will take some time to complete the registration, so make sure you have more than 30 minutes to spare.

P/S: You might not be able to make lots of money being a mystery shopper but you will definitely have lots of fun. I can’t find how payments are done but I’m guessing they’re using check.



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One Response to “Mystery Shopping Money Making Opportunities at RQA”

  1. Dave says:

    Sometimes money are not everything, to have a good time is important too. I have never participate in any mystery shopping programs, may be I will give a try to this one.