Money Making Opportunities with Sponsored Tweets

sponsored tweets sign upSponsored Tweets is another money making opportunities that I found. Sponsored Tweets was mentioned by some of my blog readers when I first talk about money making opportunities using twitter. It seems that Sponsored Tweets is popular among bloggers. Let’s take a look then.

Sponsored Tweets is another advertising platform by IZEA. This time instead of posting it, we tweet it. The concept is almost the same as PayPerPost. If you have been a publisher with PayPerPost for a long time, I suppose you’ll understand and get use to Sponsored Tweets too. Basically you need to have a twitter account to apply for this money making opportunities. The twitter account must be at least 120 days old. The more followers the twitter account has, the higher offer you’ll get. Take for example if you have about 200 followers, you’ll get $1.00 charge per tweet. If you have about 2000 followers, you’ll get $10.00 charge per tweet. Payments are done using PayPal once you reached $50.

Once you’ve sign up for an account, just sit back and wait for offers. Advertisers will make an offer if they see your twitter account is relevant to their products. You may choose to write the tweets yourself and include the links or let the advertisers do the writing. You still have full control on your twitter account because either way you still able to review the tweets before posting. Besides that you are able to earn some extra money through Sponsored Tweets affiliate program. You’ll earn 5% on all the transaction for every advertiser that you refer. Each referral earning will last for two years.

Sponsored Tweets seems to be a good money making opportunities but with 2 conditions. You twitter account needs to be at least one year old and has thousands of followers. You might also need to state your information clearly at profile section because advertisers tend to check it before decided to make an offer. One thing that I don’t like about is the $50 minimum payout. If you are at $1.00 charge per tweet, I suppose it might take months before you earn $50. Just remember don’t spam your followers trying to get to $50 minimum payout. That is if you received that much offer.



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8 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities with Sponsored Tweets”

  1. Tina Kubala says:

    I don’t make much on Sponsored Tweets, but it’s easy money. I figure since I’m not going to stop using Twitter, I may as well make my sad little 50 cents a Tweet when it is offered.

  2. Sponsored Tweets is a nice program, the only problem i face since i signed up three weeks ago… i can’t get any offers. I have already over 7.300 followers and still growing. The suggested price is around 8$ (not like you mentioned 10$ for 2.000 followers!).

    But you have to know that the advertiser has to pay the double price = 16$.

    Many members say that the suggested price is mostly a dream number and you should reduce it by 50% or more.

    I tried many different prices between 50 cents and 8 $ but like i said before… no offer yet.

    Just wait and see, i can’t loose only win once an offer 🙂

  3. Kumo says:

    I’m guessing the effect of advertising on twitter is not so good. That is why we don’t see many offers. I think there is much to improve on Sponsored Tweets to make it better. We will start earning when advertisers are earning money.

  4. Hi Kumo,

    didn’t know that you are from Bukit Mertajam in Penang. Have been there the last week 🙂

    I read from a lot of members that they have success with 2$-offers and earned already from several offers around 14 – 20 $ in the last few weeks.

  5. Kumo says:

    I just got a $1 offer and now pending for approval. By the way, I’m not really from Penang, but used to work there. 🙂

  6. Thanks for an awesome & interesting post, Well I am also earning cash by selling my tweets and will earn easy and smart cash from it.Love you Twitter….

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  8. Mark says:

    Just made my first $1 from Sponsored Tweets! Yay!!