Money Making Opportunities at IM Report Card

IM Report CardYou get paid by just participating at IM Report Card. That means you will be rewarded by joining IM Report Card community and taking part on reviews, comments, suggestions, grading and referring. IM Report Card is a site where people get together to review and discuss about internet marketing related product s or services. These reviews, grades and comments help others in choosing the best product and avoid being scam. That’s the main goal of this site. Sign up is free but there are several countries that the site rejects application. These countries are India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippine and Singapore. According to IM Report Card they seem to experience lots of fraudulent and inappropriate use from these countries.

IM Report Card seems to have tight rules on almost anything. Perhaps that’s the way to prevent scam and maintain top quality info. It’s not a surprise for a site determines to fight scam. So if you’re planning to earn fast money by just clicking around fast and writing irrelevant comments, then IM Report Card is not for you. You might get ban from the site without having to claim your credits.

IM Report Card is actually a good place for you to get to know products and services before you spend your money. You’ll save a lot of time figuring out which products and services suit you best by going through the reviews and comments. Compare to forum, IM Report Card is a more trusted site as the reviews and comments are well control. That’s the power of combing shared experience into one place. For those that are new to internet marketing, this is a good place to learn. As for those experience internet marketers, this is a site to share your valuable experience and earn some money.

For the money making part, you need to have PayPal account. You’ll get paid once your account reached $20. At IM Report Card you basically earn credits for rating review, grading products, comment on services, suggest new products and referring new members. Each credit currently has a money value of $0.01. In order to reach the minimum payout of $20, you’ll have to earn 2000 credits.

One thing I don’t like about IM Report Card is that instead of banning users from selective countries, the site should reduce their banning scope to individuals. That’s because not every users from the selective countries are fraud and fraudulent can be found all over the world. It’s all depending on individuals. It’s true that it will be a lot of work if narrowing down the scope to individual but if that can be done, it basically open up a potential market.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities at IM Report Card”

  1. jco says:

    I’ve heard and read about this site but sad to say my country is one of those who are not allowed to participate in the program. But in any case, hopefully they will let people from the Philippines do reviews as well.

  2. Kumo says:

    Don’t worry about that as there are lot more similar sites that accept users from Philippines. But then if you’re able to create and maintain a blog with at least page rank 4, I think you won’t b needing this site.