Money making opportunities at Bukisa, share your knowledge

bukisaBukisa is a site that works almost the same as eHow. One of the good news about Bukisa is that the money making opportunities is open to everybody with a valid PayPal account. So for non US citizens, instead of posting at eHow you can choose to post at Bukisa.

At Bukisa you basically make money by sharing your knowledge. You can choose either to write an article or make a video. For each article or video you posted, you will be paid for every 1000 unique visitors that read your articles or watch your videos. Currently for every 1000 unique visitors you will be paid USD3.65. It’s a real time conversion rate call Bukisa index and is updated at least once per month. The higher the Bukisa index, the more money you make. The Bukisa index changes upon the overall performance of the websites revenue streams, which means if the site earns a lot of money then you’ll get a larger pay check. The site basically makes money from contextual advertising, email marketing, joint ventures and many more. Besides that, you also make money if the people that you invited to Bukisa make money the same way as you did. You get 25% of their earnings and you’ll get paid until 3 levels down.  Payment will be done with PayPal and the minimum payout is USD10. If your earning is less then USD10, balance will be roll to next month.

At Bukisa, there are 2 ways that you can make money. Either you can write articles or make videos that attract a lot or unique viewers, or sign up a lot of people that knows how to do that. Best of all, Bukisa is for everybody that has a valid PayPal account. That opens up a big market.



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6 Responses to “Money making opportunities at Bukisa, share your knowledge”

  1. Shirley says:

    I had never used such services, but have heard a lot about them. I think we earn a lot of money on it, but nevertheless, now, any money will not be redundant.

  2. SELaplana says:

    it is effective if you’ll write “how to” articles that every body is looking for.

  3. Price Gold Coins says:

    If everyone shares their ideas about money making, it should be great and we can make bukisa a great success-Let’s pool all our ideas to make money and over come the Recession.

  4. Kumo says:

    Honestly I’ve never try these kind of services before. I think you should be able to make some money out from it, just that it might not be that much.

  5. monique says:

    That is a great info, The more articles we have will effect to our earning. But, when will they pay? after 1000 unique reader or there is a convertion method?

  6. Kumo says:

    Guess you’ll just have to sign up and give it a try to find out the details.