Money Making Opportunities within Google Affiliate Network and Amazon

One of the simplest money making opportunities online is selling specific product on website or blog. Publishers make money when products are sold. The concept is a bit different compare to Google Adsense where publishers make money when readers click on the advertisements. Which method has the highest potential to make more money online? Well, I suppose it depends on how individual creates their website or blog.

Couple of money making opportunities online which allows publishers to sell specific product on their website or blog are Google Affiliate Network and Amazon Associates. The only way to make money with these money making opportunities online is to sell the products successfully. You will only make money when business transaction occurs. So the question is how do we convince readers to purchase through our website or blog?

Selling products online or trying to convince readers to purchase online is totally different from making money through Google Adsense. When we are using Google Adsense, we just need to find the best eye catching location to place Google Adsense ads. Readers will then click the advertisement once they find it interesting and publishers make money. As for selling products online, we have to do more than just making readers feeling interested to check out things. We actually need to convince readers that the products are worth buying. And we need to convince them to buy it right now, right here. Before that we have to prepare our website or blog so that it draws traffic which is interested in the product. Remember that we need to focus on readers who are interested in purchasing the product rather than readers who are only interested in reading reviews and information of the product. Keep that in mind when you’re blogging or creating your website and you should be on the right path. Also try to include keywords like “best price”, “purchase”, “buy” and other keywords that people will type in to look for a place to buy the products.

As for the content of the blog or website, it should be more towards explaining the good and bad of purchasing the product. Obviously you need to study and understand the product in order to write a detail review. Eventually when you get most of the things done, it all comes down to a point that most readers will purchase when the price is right. The right price is always the lowest price. Initially it will be best to lower your profit margin to minimum so that you’ll gain sales and traffic. Honestly, the first 6 months is about building traffic and if possible sales transaction. You won’t be making much money during this period of time. So if you’re into this money making opportunities online, you need to be prepare to give in a 100% effort for at least 2 years. Do your research properly and study it in detail before decide to jump into this business. The competition is fierce but there are definitely rooms for to make some money. Just that it won’t be easy.



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2 Responses to “Money Making Opportunities within Google Affiliate Network and Amazon”

  1. Dave says:

    Selling items online is probably one of the best ways to make money online. I have few shops which are generating nice income and paying huge part of my monthly bills.

  2. Laura Morton says:

    We have just been approved for GAN. We put our first ads on the site a few minutes ago. We tried to find ads that would tie in with the content on a specific page. Another option we are considering is having a page just for the ebooks. This might be easier than have ads scattered around about 150 pages of content. We will do both and let you know which one is more profitable, and more manageable.